Election Special!: Tuesday Night Picks

Hello all! There are a couple of things that make today special: 1) it is Election Day, 2) there is a Tuesday night college football game. I hope all of you voted, but I know all of you degenerates will most likely be watching the Ball State @ Toledo game instead of the Election coverage, so this one is for you. I’ve decided to add a little spice and throw around some odds and interesting quotes in the spirit of the Presidential Election.


Standing 6’1″ tall and weighing in at a cool 180 pounds, the 51 year old graduate of Occidental College, Columbia, and Harvard Law School, a former constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago and Illinois Senator, the man with the 5 point plan and a reach so long it is in everyone’s back pocket, the incumbent President of the United States of America and Leader of the Free World…………. BARACK OOOOOOOOOOOBAMAAAHHH!

(Obama shakes off his robe, cracks his neck, and bounces around the ring, egging on his detractors while chants of ‘BARRY! BARRY! BARRY!’ can be heard from the sea of blue behind the President’s corner.)

At a stately 6’2″ and 197 pounds, the 65 year old graduate of Brigham Young University, Harvard Business, and Harvard Law School, the founder and former CEO of Bain Capital, the 70th Governor of the great state of Massachusetts, the venture capitalist with the magic underwear…………. MITT RRRROMNEY!

(A hail of boos come from the enthusiastic Obama supporters while the men in the red corner golf clap after lighting their cigars.)

And now, for some quick analysis before the fight we turn to the Ragin’ Cajun himself, Mr. James Carville. James, the President has had 4 years to try and right the ship that is the economy, and while there have been many jobs created, progress still seems slow. On the other hand, you have Mitt Romney, a proven business man, but he’s been known to flip and flop quite a bit despite recently gaining traction in the polls. Do you think he’ll take a dive tonight?

James Carville: “Matthew, there will only be one way to put this after tonight’s results: ‘If this had would’ve been a Little League baseball game, they would’ve called the thing after four innings’.”

(not the exact words, but pretty close – look up the quote yourself.)

Thank you very much, Mr. Carville. It was a pleasure speaking with you, but we must move forward to the odds and the bettors pick. Obama has been the clear favorite throughout, and remains so entering tonight (-250), or 2 to 5 odds, while Romney has remained an underdog at 15 to 7 (+188). There is an interesting catch here, though. According to opensecrets.org, through October 17th the Republican campaign for Mitt Romney has spent an astounding $1,028,081,374. That is some serious coin. Obama’s campaign has also spent a boatload, $931,910,134, making this the most expensive election of all-time. That being said, there is a trend in American politics that says the candidate’s campaign which spends the most usually wins. To pair that with 60 Minutes’ most recent exposé, how Obama handled (?) the Libya situation, I think Romney might be the smarter bet in this spot*. Things haven’t been going well for the President as of late, and the possibility of an upset looms on the horizon.

*This does not reflect any political affiliation I may have. It is now time to turn to football.

Tuesday, November 6th

8:00 pm EST: Ball State Cardinals (6-3) @ #25 Toledo Rockets (8-1); Toledo -6.5 (-115)

Ball State enters this game coming off of a bye after they extended their current winning streak to 3 games over Army. The Cardinals have been very solid against the spread all season (7-2) and have been gaining confidence with each week. This team is really coming into it’s own under the leadership of their QB, Keith Wenning (I like the name), and big play skill position players WR Willie Snead and RB Jahwan Edwards, who is averaging 5.7 yards per carry. Meanwhile, Toledo enters the game in the midst of an 8 game winning streak. The Rockets’ only loss on the year came in the opening week of the season in an overtime loss at Arizona. The Rockets are out to show that they deserve their first ever BCS Top-25 ranking in front of a decent Tuesday night crowd. So far, most of the bets have been pouring in on Toledo (71%), but the line has yet to move to 7. I think there is a good chance it will get there by kick-off, and I also think there is a reason the books haven’t moved it. Seven is an expensive number. I like what Ball State has been doing lately, and I could see them potentially knocking off their conference foe. While I’m not calling the outright upset, I think the dog will cover in this one. All eyes are on Ohio tonight, hopefully our team wins!

Pick: Ball State +6.5 (-105) for 2 units

Check back later this evening or tomorrow morning for the Weekend in Review. Also, I should have the Weekend Preview and Picks up by Thursday afternoon at the latest. Consider this my 1* play.



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