A Glimpse at Texas/Ole Miss

Welcome back, readers. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s weekend recap and that you are half as excited as I am for this weekend. After a weekend in the green, I’m looking forward to continue to trend upwards with my picks. There is a pretty ugly slate of games, but in keeping true to the initial focus of the blog, I will attempt to analyze the most intriguing match-ups of the weekend, not necessarily the easiest ones to pick. However, I will not pick the game in which I am most interested (Texas @ Ole Miss) for fear of a conflict of interest. Instead, I would like to preview a few things about the weekend to come in Oxford and then follow up next week with a detailed account of the weekend, including: arriving in Oxford Friday night, the crowd and nightlife in Downtown Oxford on Friday, Saturday morning – preparing for the Grove, tailgating in the Grove, the Walk of Champions, and of course, the game. I look forward to sharing this weekend with y’all in hopes that it will provide a glimpse of the best tailgating in the nation. This weekend should be amazing. Here are a few thoughts:

5 Things about the Texas @ Ole Miss Weekend:

  • Oxford, Mississippi officials are expecting an influx of over 100,000 visitors for this weekend. As of the 2010 census, Oxford has 18,916 permanent residents. As of 2011, enrollment at the University of Mississippi reached its peak with 16,786 students. If one did not consider any of the students permanent residents and combined the enrollment with the numbers from the census, then the town of Oxford will experience an infiltration of roughly 280% of its regular inhabitants. I hope you made your reservations at City Grocery back in June.
  • The Airport at Ole Miss, Oxford’s very own private airport, does not have enough room to house all of the private jets that will be descending upon the town this weekend. Those with private air-crafts have been told that they may land in Oxford, drop off their passengers, and move on to Memphis. Simply put, both Texas and Ole Miss have a plethora of extremely wealthy alumni. None of them are willing to miss what will be the social event of the college football season.
  • The Texas fans will fall in love with the Grove. Once those ‘Horns see how it’s done in Oxford, they’ll be thirsty for more. The only thing is, they won’t have time to be thirsty because as soon as they finish a cocktail, a southern belle will waltz up and gladly offer to pour them another. “Bourbon, was it? Thought so.”
  • On Friday night, the Square will look like Bourbon Street minus the homeless people and the stench of vomit and urine. University and North and South Lamar will be blocked off, complete with police on horseback. Inside those barricades, there will be a sea of red, blue, and burnt orange swirling to and fro, crashing into the bars with the repetition of waves breaking just off the shore. I have no doubt that there will be a few fights between the respective drunken frat boys, but I have a feeling there will be less than usual. These fans are very much alike, despite a few obvious differences.
  • Despite all the terrible jokes that Texas fans may have been making about Ole Miss, they will leave Oxford with a bit of envy. Their team is better and their school has more prestige academically, but those jokes will cease only to be replaced with a relatively quiet respect while the arrogance that comes with being a Longhorn will be subdued, if only for a brief moment. While flying back to Austin in their big private jets, a Texas fan will look across to his friend and offer a subtle gesture, a simple nod or a quick smile, that will acknowledge their shared understanding of the great weekend that was. Cherish this one, ‘Horns fans, because it will not be replicable.

3 thoughts on “A Glimpse at Texas/Ole Miss

  1. Well said Cook, I personally can not wait to tailgate at the Grove and have an enjoyable weekend. To be completely honest this game will be, “closer than the experts think” in my opinion. Looking forward to a fun weekend and seeing some familiar faces that were not smart enough to get accepted to UT (sorry…. I had to).

    – Byron

  2. Great rundown of what to expect! I am really looking forward to my first trip to the Little Easy. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the respect my fellow Horn’s will pay to their gracious hosts. I know this is not your first rodeo but Horn fan likes to tailgate and they are all coming in masse for this epic weekend that is almost upon us. Hook’em, Mike O’

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